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TAG Marketing is a Social Media Marketing company passionate about 'digital marketing'; a term for targeted, measurable and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers.

As a small business your key objective will be to promote your brand, product or services and we fully understand that sometimes it's difficult to know where to start with your online marketing strategy.  The other key factor is time to implement it!  That's where we come in.

You can partially or fully outsource your social media marketing online to us, receive 1-to-1 training or simply instruct us as a mentor to your business development strategy online.  Full list of services and fees on our Facebook page CLICK HERE

TAG Marketing effectively taps into social media platforms to help you increase brand exposure, enhance search engine optimisation (SEO) and broaden your customer reach. The goal is to create interesting content, compelling enough that users share it on their social networks and in turn, aim to build preference and increased sales.  Through these various digital marketing techniques, TAG Marketing can connect your business to a much wider audience.

With social media having such an influence on how consumers purchase, it is more important than ever to ensure you target the right audience and have an online presence.   After all your competitors probably already have!

By outsourcing your Social Media Marketing to TAG Marketing, we'll concentrate on growing your company further leaving you free to run your day-to-day business.  Most of our work is carried out locally in Spalding, Holbeach & Boston but we also cover Crowland, Peterborough, Bourne, Stamford, Market Deeping, Wisbech & Kings Lynn.  Wherever our clients are based, we work remotely touching base regularly to ensure a close working relationship for continutity in content writing & posting.  We also offer paid advertising for those wishing to give their coverage a boost.

TAG Marketing helps your business get the most from its Social Media Online


See What Social Media Marketing Can Do For Your Business


Social media is a window into your business and increasingly, the first place where potential customers and employees may encounter it.  So it is important to link your social media back to your website.  With over a billion users on the world wide web and the emergence of internet-based social media it possible for one person to communicate with hundreds of people about products and the companies that provide them.  

Setting up social media profiles for your business therefore increases its potential to reach your Target market, plus businesses with social media accounts pose to win new customers and with competitors often already out there, your business cannot afford not to have an online presence.

"It is staggering just how much exposure a business can gather once a community is formed"


We are all aware that Social Media networking has transformed the way we keep in touch.

But what exactly is Social Media?  Social Media are websites & applications that enable users to 'create and share' content and participate in social networking.

There are hundreds of networking sites out there on the web.  Finding the right platform on which to site your business and connect to your customers is key.  Just as every type of business has a unique niche in the non-digital world, so too does the internet offer endless niche social communities, whereby users can gather around a common topic (or thread).

Whilst traditional marketing methods can be costly, social media is comparatively low-cost and gives you a direct line to current and prospective customers.  Whether you are launching a new product or simply growing your market share, the goal is to create content, compelling enough that users will want to 'share it' on their social networks and engage with you.


So how does Social Media fit into your Business Marketing Plan?

Social media marketing effectively takes advantage of these online networking sites to help your company engage with customers, market products, increase brand exposure and essentially foster new business.

As a business owner, it can be tempting to jump right in and establish profiles on lots of various different platforms.  After all, social media can be a great way to attract new customers.  But in order to be successful on social media, you have to do more than just have a presence.  You have to show your followers that you are able to solve their problems.

Once your following expands and you gain that brand trust, customers will be confident to refer you.  Now you will really see a Return on Investment (ROI).


"At TAG Marketing, we found that business owners often had limited time and resources to allocate to their social media and so were willing to outsource it to us"

TAG Marketing can help you get the right exposure for your business

Start engaging now and your BUSINESS WILL GROW

Simple. Outsource it.

By outsourcing your Social Media to TAG Marketing we will grow your business online by getting the 'word out' about your products or services on the appropriate social media platforms.

TAG Marketing will guide you step-by-step;  from advice on setting up a responsive website, to creating and linking your social media platforms.  From Branding your business across all sites, to search engine optimisation.  TAG Marketing offers to take on your weekly social media management going forward, leaving you FREE to focus on the day-to-day business decisions.


Social Media is the Future of Communication

Inbound Marketing

Content is the cornerstone of any inbound marketing strategy and if created skilfully, it gains and filters potential customers right from the start.

As a small business you want to do more than just attract casual browsers to your website, you want to attract the right people,

who :-

  • are in a buying cycle or will be in the near future.
  • will fit your target audience.
  • are likely to become loyal customers and refer you.

Inbound marketing involves four vital actions:

  1. Attracting - by writing dynamic, compelling and relevant blogs for your industry, using your keywords for SEO.
  2. Converting - with an easy to find 'Call to Action', taking prospects to your specific landing page on your website.
  3. Closing - follow up marketing, to convert prospects into customers.
  4. Referring - customer trust gains referrals, which equals return on investment (ROI).

Effectively Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than you having to go out to get their attention.

Inbound marketing is promoting a company through blogs, video, eBooks, eNewsletters, podcasts, SEO, physical products, social media marketing and other forms of content marketing.




Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a web page in a search engine's unpaid results - often referred to as natural or organic.

SEO has become a vital feature for any business with an online presence.  By choosing the right keywords for your industry and being willing to consistently put in the time you can maintain optimisation of your website for Google and other major search engines.

The key is consistency.  Both in keywords and timely posts.

Tips to maintain your top spot in searches is link building. This means that your goal is to consistently and continually over time, add good quality (pref. organic) content with backlinks to your site.

An unsteady link building campaign is a major warning to the powers that be at Google. You cannot get away with just adding hundreds of links in one week and then nothing else for months.

It is important to prove to the search engines that your website matters and that you can really be trusted.

Patience is also important.

Trust Google to give you the best return on your time investment and continue with your SEO efforts.  After a while you will see for yourself how stable your site becomes in terms of ranking.